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friday five: four months

1. how good are you at wrapping gifts?

people have commented on my neat, crisp edges and discreetly taped corners and ends. this amount of care only extends to boxes, though — sometimes, lumpy things gonna lump. anyway, it takes a particularly grinchy soul to not accept gift bags and tissue paper with similar merriment.

2. when are you likely to begin your christmas shopping this year?

i’m already late.

3. how do you feel about candy canes?


4. have you been naughty or nice this year?

i act nice, but my thoughts are a different story.

5. in what way was today most december-like?

if anything i hope our december is nothing like today. we could use a good rainstorm. morale is low, too — think less “gift of the magi” and more “little match girl.”

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friday five: perambulating

1. what routine have you recently altered merely as a change of pace?

pardon this for being so literal, but i added 7 lb free weights to my treadmill workout.

2. what unexpected occurrence did you recently take in stride?

a pleasantly confused patient asked me to dial her son’s house number using the bedside phone, and the first thing she said when he answered was: “son, where’d you put the peppermints? i’m fixin’ to go to bed!” cue this lady’s nightlong obsession with the whereabouts of her peppermint candies, even as we’re getting a 12-lead ekg on her for an abnormal troponin level.

3. where do you go for a casual stroll?

there’s a small loop along the path between our house and the elementary school that ambles near a park and some playgrounds before opening to a roundabout next to the community pool. it is thoughtfully quaint, with trees dotting either side of my favorite part of the curve, and street lights and benches that can be romantic under certain shades of sky.

4. through how many gates did you pass this week?

two into neighborhoods, one into an employee parking structure.

5. around whom (or what) have you been tiptoeing?

my mental health is currently a pile of debris and ashes at the bottom of a cold, unforgiving mountain. if i can keep it in the shadowy periphery of things, and just slog away at work for the rest of the month, i hope to find myself on the other side where the valley dips gently and there is more sun than darkness.

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friday five: x³

1. one lump or two?

at home i drink plain tea, while coffee is usually dressed up with sugar-free syrups and a splash of plant milk.

2. what was in the last box you received in the mail?

fabric glue! haven’t used it yet. the cheap cd case i want to customize is coming in later today.

3. in those places where you prepare your own soft drink, how much ice do you put in the cup?

sin hielo, please.

4. how do you have your workspace decorated?

it’s just messy.

5. what’s your favorite dice-driven game?

i’m afraid this one isn’t applicable, sorry. :T

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friday five: when harry met sally…

1. what’s the farthest you’ve ever driven in one trip?

i stupidly drove two and a half hours straight after work to make a bachelorette weekend in palm springs. (my shift starts at 7 pm and ends at 7:30 am.)

2. what are you very particular about when ordering in a restaurant?

there are four tapioca express franchises within a five mile radius of where i live, yet only one of them does the crispy tofu right.

3. which of your friendships goes back the furthest?

my navy fed account’s been there for me since 1998.

4. how do you feel about romantic comedy films, and what’s your favorite?

great rom-coms are like chewy chocolate chip peanut butter cookies that give you wings. i can’t trust anyone who is allergic to their magic. you’ve got mail (1998) is my most quoted, so i’ll go with that.

5. how did you spend last new year’s eve, and how would you like to spend the next?

last nye, a coworker poured a round of fizzy orange energy drink shots at the nurses station where we counted down and said cheers. the holiday schedule for this year hasn’t been released, but if i’m off, i want to be with my husband and my dog, night air on my skin, sipping something fun.

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