friday five: four months

1. how good are you at wrapping gifts?

people have commented on my neat, crisp edges and discreetly taped corners and ends. this amount of care only extends to boxes, though — sometimes, lumpy things gonna lump. anyway, it takes a particularly grinchy soul to not accept gift bags and tissue paper with similar merriment.

2. when are you likely to begin your christmas shopping this year?

i’m already late.

3. how do you feel about candy canes?


4. have you been naughty or nice this year?

i act nice, but my thoughts are a different story.

5. in what way was today most december-like?

if anything i hope our december is nothing like today. we could use a good rainstorm. morale is low, too — think less “gift of the magi” and more “little match girl.”


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