friday five: perambulating

1. what routine have you recently altered merely as a change of pace?

pardon this for being so literal, but i added 7 lb free weights to my treadmill workout.

2. what unexpected occurrence did you recently take in stride?

a pleasantly confused patient asked me to dial her son’s house number using the bedside phone, and the first thing she said when he answered was: “son, where’d you put the peppermints? i’m fixin’ to go to bed!” cue this lady’s nightlong obsession with the whereabouts of her peppermint candies, even as we’re getting a 12-lead ekg on her for an abnormal troponin level.

3. where do you go for a casual stroll?

there’s a small loop along the path between our house and the elementary school that ambles near a park and some playgrounds before opening to a roundabout next to the community pool. it is thoughtfully quaint, with trees dotting either side of my favorite part of the curve, and street lights and benches that can be romantic under certain shades of sky.

4. through how many gates did you pass this week?

two into neighborhoods, one into an employee parking structure.

5. around whom (or what) have you been tiptoeing?

my mental health is currently a pile of debris and ashes at the bottom of a cold, unforgiving mountain. if i can keep it in the shadowy periphery of things, and just slog away at work for the rest of the month, i hope to find myself on the other side where the valley dips gently and there is more sun than darkness.


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